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Are you looking to spoil your four-legged friend this Christmas?  Or perhaps you want dog Christmas gift ideas for the pets of friends and family.  Or are you hoping to make the festive season a little happier for dogs in shelters

Whatever your motivation, if you are short on time and ideas, read on for some great suggestions for ‘The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs’.

Make no mistake all of you dog owners and dog lovers – Santa Paws is coming to town!!

As with gifts for people, you need to think about the recipient of the gift. Is it a puppy, a senior dog, or somewhere in between? Is it a high-energy dog or a chilled, laid-back dog? Knowing this will help you to make the right choice of present.

For the majority of these gifts I have, for the purposes of this recommendation list, purchased the items in question and tested them with my trusty adviser (my dog, Harvey).

Once the gifts had been tested they were donated to a local shelter:
Worcestershire Animal Rescue Centre.
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - wars thank you
A lovely ‘Thank you’ from the dedicated people at WARS

To help make navigation a little easier, I’ve split these Christmas gifts for dogs into (very broad) cost categories.

Sticking with the festive theme, and going from higher cost to lower cost, these are; Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Affiliate Disclaimer


1 Christmas Presents for Dogs – Gold Items

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - sleepy dog with christmas lights
Wrapping presents is hard work when you don’t have thumbs!

Let’s kick off our list by looking at some of the things that are likely to only go to those dogs who have been exceptionally well-behaved for the whole of the previous 12 months!

Gold #1

Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

This device is packed with features:

* Links to your smartphone via an app
* Full 1080p HD camera for photos and videos
* Night vision
* Treat tossing via the app
* 2-way audio (including barking alert)
* Easy set-up

The device was featured on the ‘Ellen’ show in the US where she described it as “The number one gift on every pet lover’s Amazon wishlist. It’s so cool!”

And in the UK it featured on the show ‘Paul O’Grady – For the Love of Dogs’.

Gold #2

Embark Dog DNA Test

Good old DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. The molecule that contains the blueprint for how we (and our dogs) are made.

In this case, the DNA test is used for:

* Breed identification. The test screens for over 350 dog breeds and varieties. The test uses a research-grade genotyping platform developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.
* Health screening. The process tests for over 200 genetic diseases including MDR1 drug sensitivity, glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy.
* Family tree profile. Find out whether your dog is related to other dogs that have been tested.

The test is pretty easy to administer – activate your code (used for tracking your sample), take a swab from your dog’s cheeks, and post the swab to Embark.

Harv’s Top Picks

Gold #3

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey on bed
Harv having a nap …

Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Comfort is king!

We all know the importance of a good, comfy bed and mattress when it comes to getting some quality sleep. Well, our dogs can appreciate some comfort, too. This is especially true if you have a dog with arthritis.

This dog bed features:

* Solid memory foam. The base for this bed provides superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain, and improved health, mobility & energy.
* Smart design. The bed base and bolsters provide optimal support, comfort, and security. The bed is also water-resistant and tear-resistant. There is a non-skid bottom. Replacement bed covers are available.
* The memory foam used in the bed doesn’t contain any mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, or ozone deleters. The bed passes the European REACH safety standards.

We own a Petfusion memory foam bed (although an earlier version without the bolsters) which we bought after our dog was diagnosed with arthritis. They provide comfort but also support.

2 Christmas Presents for Dogs – Frankincense Items

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - dog wearing antlers
If they’re so cute why aren’t you wearing any?!

OK, let’s move on now to the mid-range category of presents. There are plenty of options in here to help spread some canine Xmas cheer.

Frankincense #1

Bwogue Dog Reindeer Antler Headband

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of dressing up my dog with novelty clothing.

However, I’ve been told that this is a humbug attitude to take at Christmas time and that many people enjoy buying some festive accessories for their dog!

With that in mind, I did some research and came up with something which is festive and highly rated by those customers who have bought it – the Bwogue Dog Reindeer Antler Headband.

The accessory is:

* Combined Christmas hat (red with white pompom and trim) and reindeer antlers.
* Manufactured using soft fabric so that there is no irritation to your dog’s skin.
* Lightweight for comfort
* Suitable for small and medium-size dogs

Keep in mind that dogs aren’t renowned for being hat wearers – don’t force your dog to do something that it isn’t comfortable doing.

Frankincense #2

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with Easidri coat
Harv in his cooling coat

Easidri Cooling Coat

If you live somewhere that is perpetually cold then your dog isn’t likely to need this. If you don’t, then this coat is a fantastic way of helping to cool your dog.

Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat to keep cool. The way that they disperse heat is by panting and through their paw pads and nose. Well, you can help by using a cooling coat.

The Easidri Cooling Coat has a unique cell structure that allows it to gradually release moisture, keeping your dog cool for hours.

Fitting the coat on your dog is a simple matter using the velcro straps that are fitted to the coat.

The coat is re-usable and machine washable and comes in a waterproof storage package so that it is ready to use should you need it when out and about.

We have one of these coats and it works really well.

So well, in fact, that if he has got a little warm on a walk he will actually look for the coat on our return home!

Frankincense #3

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy

This is the original Snuggle Puppy and the company has been helping pets since 1997.

The Snuggle Puppy feels real with its pulsing heartbeat and heat pack, helping to foster a feeling of calm by appealing to a dog’s natural instincts.

Helps pets to transition to their new home and reduces the stress experienced during fireworks and thunderstorms.

It can also help with crate training, helping your dog to feel more relaxed when initially introduced to a crate.

The Snuggle Puppy is machine washable.

Harv’s Top Picks

Frankincense #4

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with puller ring
Harv with a puller ring
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with new puller rings
Harv with some new puller rings

Puller Rings

Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Well, these Puller Rings are very simple in their design: they are large plastic rings. But don’t let that fool you. These rings are absolutely awesome and are one of Harvey’s favourite things.

The rings are:

* Light, strong, they float, bounce, don’t smell, and don’t injure your dog’s teeth.
* Suitable for use in fetch, catch, and tug-of-war.
* Unique design helps to reduce the chance of an accidental bite from your dog while playing.
* Valuable additions to exercise regime. It is estimated that 20 minutes of play with the puller rings is equivalent to a 3-mile run.

We have had many hours of fun with our Puller Rings. Where they really shine, for me and Harvey, is as a tug toy.

They are large enough for the dog to get a good grip, have some flexibility for when your dog pulls against you, and are durable (ours have teeth marks – Harvey’s, not mine! – but no sign of them falling apart).

Frankincense #5

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with Kong
Harv with a Kong
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with new Kong
But … there are no treats in it!

Kong Classic

Kongs are the classic dog toy.

By encouraging healthy play and satisfying an instinctual need, the Kong can help with issues relating to chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, and barking.

The Kong is a great fetch toy. See that weird shape?! That makes the Kong bounce in an unpredictable manner which makes it more fun for your dog.

You may also have noticed that the Kong is hollow. This is because you can stuff it with delicious dog treats. The tough rubber construction means that this makes it excellent for determined chewers.

Kongs can be frozen too, to give your dog a chilled treat.

Veterinarians and dog trainers around the world recommend the Kong Classic as one of the best durable dog toys available.

Frankincense #6

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey sat waiting for hide squirrel toy
Calm before the storm …
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey and soon to be deceased toy squirrel
Squirrel on borrowed time!

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Dogs love to play.

The frequency and intensity of the play may decline as they get older (it may not!) but make no mistake, a dog gets great enjoyment from playing.

This Hide-A-Squirrel toy presents an excellent opportunity for puppies of all ages to have some fun!

Things to note about the toy:

* Fill the tree trunk with 6 stuffed squeaky squirrels, toss it, and watch your dog’s natural hunting instincts kick in!
* Give your curious canine some mental stimulation and help to banish boredom.
* The toys are soft and so easy on the teeth of young puppies and adult dogs alike.
* Never leave your dog unattended with its toys – no toy is indestructible and you don’t want your dog to swallow any pieces of a destroyed toy.

Harvey absolutely adored this toy!

He is a big fan of soft toys (although he often gets a little carried away and tears them to shreds!) and also loves a game of Hide-It.

The Hide-A-Squirrel toy manages to combine these 2 things in one package.

I suspect that this one is going to be hugely popular with dogs of all ages.

Frankincense #7

Pearhead Pet Picture Frame and Paw Print

Lots of people have photos of their dogs, right?

What about something a little different?

Specifically, a paw print. And not just a ‘slap some paint on my dog’s paw and put it on a piece of paper type of paw print. This is a clay cast of the paw.

Key features:

* Create and frame an impression of your pet’s paw and place it next to their 4×6 inch photo.
* No mixing or mess. Air dry within 24-48 hours.
* Includes impression material, rolling pin, and clay shaping ruler.
* Solid wood shadowbox frame that sits perfectly on any desk or tabletop.

Frankincense #8

Yilako Flirt Pole

What is a flirt pole?

It’s a toy, tied to a rope, tied to a pole. What it allows you to do is to move the toy around as a training aid.

It can, for example, be used to teach self-control – asking your dog not to chase the toy as you move it, then releasing the dog as its reward.

Useful information:

* Strong and lightweight aluminium (retractable) alloy flirt pole with a comfortable, non-slip handle.
* High-quality nylon bungee cord which is pull-resistant and anti-entanglement.
* Hand-made rope toys.

Please note that this is NOT a tug toy and should not be used as such.

3 Christmas Presents for Dogs – Myrrh Items

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - small dog with christmas hat
I’m telling you it’s too big!

And finally, we have the economy section.

I’ve included some very useful dog-related books in this section. Now, I appreciate that this isn’t directly a present for a dog (unless yours is considerably smarter than mine!) but I think that the dogs will benefit indirectly from the knowledge imparted.

Myrrh #1

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey & anti-gulp bowl
Harv tests the Dogit bowl …

Dogit Anti-gulp Food Bowl

Some dogs seem to think that they are the canine equivalent of Adam Richman on the ‘Man v. Food’ TV show!

You put their food bowl on the floor and almost before you’ve stood upright again they’ve eaten the lot.

And it isn’t just big dogs that can do this. It can happen in all shapes, sizes, and breeds of dogs.

While this may sound amusing, it is actually quite dangerous. Firstly, they could choke on their food, which could be life-threatening. Secondly, it increases the risk of a condition known as bloat (expansion and twisting of the stomach or intestines) which is immediately life-threatening.

Therefore, anything that can slow down the eating process can be a great asset. Enter the Dogit bowl.

This bowl:

* Encourages the dog to eat or drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting, and bloating.
* Slower eating reduces excess air intake leading to improved digestion.
* Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

I tested this bowl with Harv and it certainly seems to encourage a dog to look for the food, take some, look again, take some more – rather than a head down, devour it all in one mouthful approach.

Myrrh #2

Dog Training Revolution
by Zak George

I think it is fair to say that Zak George has been a YouTube sensation.

He has been producing (free) training videos on YouTube for many years now and is the most successful trainer on there – with over 3.3 million subscribers!

This book combines the key factors of Zak’s approach and sets them all out in a logical fashion:

* Choosing the right pup for you
* Housetraining and basic training
* Common issues like biting, leash pulling, and barking
* Health care essentials

You can find lots of training videos on the Zak George YouTube channel.

Myrrh #3

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with training lead
I’ll watch this for you!

Amagood Training Lead

Sometimes a standard lead just isn’t long enough for the training that you want to do with your dog.

That’s where the training lead comes in.

It’s especially useful with recall training and with scent work.

This lead’s features:

* Lightweight but durable nylon braided lead, with reinforced stitching and nickel-plated clip swivels to resist twisting.
* Available in a variety of lengths.

I would offer 2 caveats when working with a long lead:
1. For your dog’s safety, only use the long lead when attached to a harness – not your dog’s collar.
2. For your safety, be wary of picking up a long lead when the dog is already running – friction burns can be very painful!

Myrrh #4

Brain Games for Dogs
by Claire Arrowsmith

We all know that our dogs need adequate physical exercise but it can be easy to forget that they need mental stimulation too.

Many behavioural issues in dogs have as their root cause a lack of mental stimulation. In short – they are bored!!

It is estimated that mental exercise tires a dog twice as much as physical exercise. So, a 15-minute session of brain games could be as tiring as a 30-minute walk. And your dog will be happier for it.

Topics covered in the book include:

* Puppy play
* Hide and seek
* Mini agility course
* Tricks such as roll over and play dead

The author, Claire Arrowsmith, is an animal behaviourist.

Myrrh #5

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with new kong goodie bone
New goodie bone arrives
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with kong goodie bone
Old goodie bone – treat depleted!

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

All dogs have incredible bite strength – but some are just real power chewers!

Toys don’t tend to last very long with power chewers. And that’s a shame for the purchaser (because they feel they have wasted their money) and for the dog (who doesn’t get the length of enjoyment that he deserves).

The Kong Extreme Goodie Bone aims to diminish that shame!

The Goodie Bones attributes:

* The black rubber formula is created to be tough and durable for power chewing dogs.
* Each end of the Good Bone is hollow enabling treats to be pushed in to further prolong the dog’s enjoyment.

Harvey is a very big fan of this toy.

His favourite thing is to eat all of the treats in it, carry it towards me, and then throw it at me! His subtle way of requesting a refill.

We’ve had ours for around 5 years now and it’s still going strong – they are built to last and to resist the efforts of power chewers.

Myrrh #6

ZippyPaws Plush Toy

What dog doesn’t love a furry toy to play with? (OK, yes I know, there are some that don’t!)

Some dogs seem to want to look after them, carrying them around everywhere that they go.

Others will throw them around and then chase after them.

If you know of a dog that does like furry toys then these ZippyPaw Plush Toys are bound t appeal to them.

Key facts:

* 3 characters – Fox, Raccoon, and … Squirrel!!
* Each toy includes 3 high-quality round squeakers to help keep the dog entertained.
* The toys contain no stuffing, helping them last longer and create less mess.

There is a third category of dogs in relation to the treatment of furry toys – the one that Harvey falls into – The Destroyers!

If you are buying for a Destroyer then, as fun as it will briefly be for them with a furry toy, you may find better options elsewhere.

Myrrh #7

Clever Dog
by Sarah Whitehead

Sarah is an internationally renowned pet behaviour specialist.

Her knowledge in relation to behaviour in dogs is second to none.

In ‘Clever Dog’ she shares some of her knowledge with the reader and it makes for interesting reading.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a scientific paper – it’s an easy read and full of case histories which she uses to illustrate her points.

You can read more about Sarah Whitehead on her website. You may even want to buy one of her courses for your next gift …

Myrrh #8

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey sat waiting for kong wubba
Waiting (im)patiently!
Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey playing with kong wubba
Not waiting!

Kong Wubba

What the heck is a Wubba? You may be wondering.

Well, the Kong Wubba is a combined fetch toy and tug-of-war toy. Great fun for the dog and its owner.

Good things to know:

* Covered in durable ballistic nylon for added toughness.
* Perfect for interactive games like tug and fetch.
* Squeaks for added enjoyment.
* It is not meant for use as a chew toy.
* Available in red, blue, or purple.

We have owned one of these. I use the past tense because after a while the Wubba started to finish the sessions in more pieces than it started in!

As we said in the introduction – you need to know the dog that you are buying for. If it’s a big chewer then this toy may not last long. If it isn’t then it’ll be great.

As you can see in the picture, Harv still very much enjoys playing with this toy.

However, in order to preserve some entertainment for the dogs at the WARS shelter, I asked him to relinquish this one as soon as I’d taken some photos!

Never mind Harv – perhaps Father Christmas will bring you a new one to destroy …

Myrrh #9

The Other End of the Leash
by Patricia McConnell

Patricia McConnell, PhD, has consulted with pet owners for over 20 years about serious behavioural problems, specialising in canine aggression.

This particular book is regarded as a classic in its field and has been translated into 13 languages.

The book aims to:

* Revolutionise the way that you interact with your dog
* Show how different species share things
* Illuminate how dogs and people are the same yet so different
* Help you see the world from your dog’s perspective
* Teach ways to communicate so that your dog understands you
* Explain why training dogs isn’t always easy

You can read more about Patricia McConnell on her website.

Harv’s Top Picks

Myrrh #10

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - harvey with Nylabone cheese bone
Harv showing great restraint!

Nylabone Cheese Bone

Dogs love to have a good chew on things.

The key is to make sure that they are chewing something that you want them to chew and not, say, your furniture!

That task is made considerably easier if you have something that both tastes good and is pleasant to chew.

Something like … the Nylabone Cheese Bone.

Cheese bone information:

* Made of durable nylon. This encourages slow, gentle chewing rather than manic, overly-excited chewing.
* The bone has indentations that can be used to add soft treats.
* Satisfies the need for chewing and helps to prevent destructive chewing.
* Delicious cheese flavour that dogs love.
* Medium size.

This is currently Harvey’s favourite toy.

He will happily lie down, holding the bone between his front paws, and chew on it for ages.

Highly recommended!

4 Harvey’s Extras

There are a couple of extra items that Harvey wanted me to mention to you.

Here they are:

Harv’s Extras

Extra #1

Best Christmas Presents for Dogs - old smiley face ball
Smiley Face feeling his age

Smiley Face Dog Balls

I first came across these balls in the pet aisle at our local Tesco supermarket.

They were just £1 each so I thought:
“Why not? If it gets destroyed in 5 minutes (as some of Harvey’s toy acquisitions do!) then I’ve only lost £1.”

Do you know what?

They are still going strong after nearly 2 years! And Harvey absolutely loves them – especially Smiley Face (who is starting to show the ill-effects of being carried everywhere by Harv!).

I should warn you that they come with a squeaker inside. Harv loves to play a little tune with the squeaker while he is carrying one of these around. Or if he wants to get my attention for a game of fetch.

The ones from Tesco don’t seem to be available at the moment but these ones from Amazon seem pretty similar. (Don’t pay silly money for them – some suppliers seem to be charging way over the top.)

UPDATE: They are back on the shelves at my local Tesco and still at just £1. If you are able to then I suggest that you get them from a Tesco store near you.

Harv’s Extras

Extra #2

Holly’s Walks – Forest of Dean
by Philip Charlesworth

Holly is one of Harvey’s dog friends. Together with some other Labradors from the My Labrador Friends forum they helped Phil (Holly’s human) to field test the walks included in this book.

Phil has put substantial effort into devising, testing, and then describing in great detail, a series of walks, of varying lengths and difficulties, in and around the Forest of Dean.

For those of you that don’t know:
The Forest of Dean is one of the Royal Forests. Situated on a plateau between the rivers Severn and Wye, it includes ancient woodland, heathland, ponds and other habitats. It has many walkable paths and very few roads, making it a perfect place for tranquil walks with your dog.

If you live in, or near, the area, or even if you are just visiting, it’s well worth giving one (or more!) of these walks a go.

Harv’s Extras

Extra #3

Holly’s Walks – Wye Valley
by Philip Charlesworth

Holly is back with another selection of walks. This time they are in the Wye Valley.

As before, Phil (Holly’s human) has put substantial effort into devising, testing, and then describing in great detail, a series of walks, of varying lengths and difficulties.

About the Wye Valley:
The Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is deservedly popular with walkers. This book, written by a local dog owner, contains a selection of his favourite dog walks. Each of the circular walks in this book has character, wonderful scenery, and is easily accessible for our four-legged friends. This second edition includes three new walks in this beautiful area.

If you fancy a good walk, in beautiful surroundings, then give one of these walks a try.

5 The True Spirit of Chrsitmas

OK, we’ve looked at traditional gifts but how about something a little more … in the true spirit of Christmas?

Spare a thought for those animals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in shelters this Christmas. Dogs are remarkably resilient and cheerful animals but even the hardiest of souls will find it tough in a shelter compared to being in a loving home.

I appreciate that not all of us are in a position to be able to offer a home to any of these dogs. We can, however, make things easier for them by donating to the shelters.

And if you don’t have any spare cash to donate, you could always ask about volunteering.

I’ll add a couple of UK shelters below (one local to me and one national) in case you would like to make a Christmas donation to them.

If you are reading this and would like me to add some other shelters in this section (especially if you are outside the UK), please let me know in the comments.

6 Harvey’s Top Picks

Within each of the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh cost categories there is an item that Harvey particularly enjoyed.

These items are flagged with the ‘Harv’s Top Picks‘ banner.

By way of a quick recap, the items were:

Harv’s Top Picks

In my opinion, and, more importantly, in Harvey’s, any one of these items would make an excellent choice of Christmas present.

If I had to pick an overall favourite, ignoring the cost brackets, then it would have to be the Puller Rings. Harvey absolutely loves these!

Harvey has also asked me to remind you that, although dogs very much enjoy getting presents, they can be just as keen to play with the wrapping. Especially if it’s a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are awesome!!

7 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to the Best Christmas Presents for Dogs:

What Gift Should you get for a Dog at Christmas?

As with gifts for people, you need to think about the recipient of the gift. Is it a puppy, a senior dog, or somewhere in between? Is it a high-energy dog or a chilled, laid-back dog?

Consider toys (dogs love to play, even with the wrapping the gift came in!), treats (consider any dietary requirements first and only buy good quality items – nobody wants a poorly dog, especially at Christmas), practical items (collars, leads, food and water bowls), and training accessories (dogs need, and enjoy, mental stimulation in addition to physical activity – look at interactive toys, books, and courses).

Should you buy Christmas Presents for Dogs?

Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with buying gifts for a dog, at Christmas, or any other time. Dogs love to play (including chewing things!). They love some mental stimulation. And they love interacting with humans. Keep this in mind when buying presents and you won’t go far wrong.

What the Best Xmas Gift for New Puppy Parents?

Puppies can have very sensitive stomachs so it may be wise to avoid gifts of food and treats. This doesn’t mean that all oral gifts are out though – it often isn’t long before the puppy biting nightmare begins! So, help out the new owners by buying teething toys. After that, look for gifts that are mentally stimulating (there are limits on how much physical exercise young pups should have).

8 Acknowledgements

Image acknowledgements:

Featured image provided courtesy of Patou Ricard

And …

Content images provided courtesy of Sven LachmannSven LachmannMylene2401JanDix

9 The End

Richie's Room - Harv leaving
Time to go!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post.

Feel free to navigate around the site to see if there is anything else that may be of interest to you.

If you liked this post please share it. Thank you 🙂

If you’d like a heads-up when the next post is issued sign-up to the Richie’s Room Newsletter.

And, if you’d like to add a comment that would be great too – you can do that below.

In particular, if you have any suggestions for additions to the Best Christmas Presents for Dogs list then let me know.

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    • Hi Vourneen. Thanks very much for the comment. It’s a shame when a favourite toy finally falls apart, isn’t it? Although, in Harvey’s case, that often only takes 10 minutes! 🙂

    • Thanks, Molly, much appreciated. Yes, I thought having a good range of things would be useful for people.

  1. I love that the dogs aren’t being forgotten about for Christmas! These are all great ideas for Christmas presents for dogs!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kimberly. I hope that your dogs enjoy whatever you decide to get for them.

  2. Some great gifts here! I love the treat toss, looks like lots of fun and I guess you can use it while you are out to give your pet a treat?

    Corinne x

    • Hey Corinne. Yes, that treat dispenser seems to be very popular. And, yes, you can dispense treats remotely using the app!

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned about the dna tests! I’ve mentioned to my husband on probably 3 or 4 occasions that I want to get one for our dog, but I keep forgetting to actually do it. We were told from a pup that she was a full lemon beagle, however the older she’s gotten the more we’ve started to believe otherwise. It’d definitely be interesting to find out for sure. Thank you for sharing!


    • Hi Claire. Yes, DNA tests have made great progress in the last decade or so and are much more accurate than they used to be. Do let us know how you get on.

    • Hi Jodie. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs. I’m sure that your parents’ dog will be very happy with whatever you pick.

  4. Wow, I appreciate the research and time you must have taken to put together this list! I don’t have a dog – just a bunny rabbit. But I love seeing what’s out there to get for my furry friend. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Nicole. It was a labour of love! 🙂 And knowing that I was donating gifts to the local shelter made it a joy rather than a chore. Thank you so much for taking the time to add a comment even though you don’t (currently?!) have a dog – that was very kind of you.

  5. Ok! I don’t have a dog and so I’m a little jealous lol. These are fantastic Christmas gift ideas for dogs. I never thought of gifting a dog a Christmas gift lol. I’ll definitely consider this if I get a dog. Thank you for sharing x

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ruth. Yes, there should be something there that will appeal to any dog. We never thought that we’d be able to have a dog but … circumstances changed and it’s been a fantastic experience. Something for you to consider in the future, perhaps?

  6. I love this post, Richie! We’ve started pet sitting and I agree the food bowls that slow the dogs down so they don’t inhale their food are wonderful! Somehow, the dogs get every last bite. Equally amazing to me is how effective dogs are at getting peanut butter out of those red Kong toys! I never thought to freeze one – what a great idea for a hot day!

    • Hi Kathy. Yes, those bowls are excellent – simple but effective. And, yes, dogs can be remarkably resourceful when food is involved 🙂 Yes, frozen kongs are great for hot days – if you buy a few you can freeze them in batches.

  7. Such a fun post, Richie! I don’t have a dog but plenty of friends do and now I have some great ideas (probably in the Myrrh category) of what to suggest 🙂

  8. I have a friend who has a dog and I never know what to send her for her furry friend, so I love this list! The plush toys, snuggle puppy, and rings look fun and delightful.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jaya. I’ve tried to make a selection of gifts that are all very good and will suit a range of dogs and budgets but I have to say, the puller rings are the favourite in our house 🙂

  9. These are such great gift ideas for a dog. I don’t have one currently but I would like to get one in the future sometime!

    • Hi Charity. Thank you very much for your kind words. Here’s hoping that you are able to have a dog in the (near?) future.

    • Thanks for your comment, Rosie. Well, if you can’t spoil a dog at Christmas, when can you? 😉

  10. Haha, aw, Santa Paws!! I usually get my dogs outfits for Christmas but they only use them when it’s raining or cold. I’ve been wanting to buy a reindeer headband for my dog, so it’s great that you included that on your list. And I need that Dogit Anti-gulp food bowl for one of my dogs, too. Thank you for putting together this comprehensive list. And so great that you also included donating or volunteering to shelters!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Izzy. Yes, that anti-gulp bowl is very useful. Good luck with the headband!

  11. I loved reading this! There is nothing better than getting a gift for your pets, they are always beside us, so making them part of the holidays is in my opinion a must! I love that you divided in different categories and had Harvey pick his best options! I just came back from holiday back home and had an amazing time with my parent’s dog playing,s o I will have to check some of the kongs out for her!

    • Hi Cristina. I’m really glad that you loved reading the post – I had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your feedback.

  12. I’ll 100% be referring back to this post when I come to buy my dog’s Christmas presents this year! I always struggle to know what to get, so just end up getting him treats!

    • HI Jenny. Thanks for your comment. Yes, treats are nice but it’s always more satisfying if you can find something a little more stimulating.

  13. All of these are great gifts for dogs. I will definitely have a look into a few of them. I will have three dogs to buy for for Christmas this year. You include something for all dogs. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Charlotte. Thank you, I’m glad that you like the selection. Looking like a good Christmas for the three dogs that you know … 🙂

  14. Such amazing ideas. My brother & sister in law have a new puppy (who is growing up so fast) so some of these ideas will be on the list.

    I love the pics with your dog in, so cute.

    I’ve never thought about mental stimulation for a dog, but these books sound great for anyone struggling to train a dog.

  15. You have some great picks here Richie, I have saved the frame with picture and paw print because it would make a ridiculously cute present for one of my sisters this Christmas – alas, the picture & paw print will be from a cat, but you know…it’s the thought that counts! x

    • Hi Maria. I’m glad that you enjoyed the suggestions – do let us know how you get on with the DNA test …

  16. I would always get Christmas presents for my dog, but sadly she passed on. However, my mother’s husky would love the Kong toys!
    That’s wonderful you included shelters to donate to as well. I know Miracle’s Mission helps sick & disabled animals & you can buy a Christmas dinner or a toy for one of the dogs or cats they foster (
    For the US, I recommend the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) (

  17. I travel back to my parents for Christmas, which means I get to see the family dog. Everyone always gets him gifts, and he gets so excited, even though he ruins half of them before the day is out. 😂 I’m always on the lookout for sturdy dog toys, tasty treats and other presents.

    The petfusion ultimate dog bed sounds cosy! The reindeer antlers headband looks adorable, but I don’t think our dog would agree, and as you said, you shouldn’t force your dog to wear something that isn’t comfortable with it. Plus, he’d probably think it was a toy. 😂

    The SmartPetLove snuggle puppy sounds adorable, and it’s so sweet that it has such a lovely purpose.

    Now, the puller rings sound ideal as tug of war is a favourite here. I’m saving the pet picture frame and paw print, as I know, that would be a great present. Our family dog is a power chewer, so the kong extreme goodie bone would make the perfect gift. I am glad we have Harvey’s approval for this toy.

    Thank you for sharing Harvey’s extras and for sharing a couple of UK shelters to support.

    Thank your trusted adviser, Harvey, for the vigorous testing he provided. He must have been thrilled with reviewing these presents. 😊

    • Hi TYD. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive comment – I’m really pleased that you have found such value in the post. I’ll be sure to pass on your comments to Harvey 🙂

  18. You’ve thought of everything! I noticed M&S have a full Christmas range for dogs this year – there’s so much to choose from including their famed Percy Pig range for dogs!

    • Hi Alice. I’ve certainly tried to think of something for everybody (and their dog!), but there are always great new ideas to add. I’ll take a look at the M&S offerings, thanks.


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